Meaning of fancy-pants in English:



  • Superior or high-class in a pretentious way.

    • ‘a fancy-pants restaurant’
    • ‘In fact, I don't even think the fancy-pants restaurant has a changing table in the bathroom.’
    • ‘No fancy-pants lawyer would be able to sandbag me with illogical arguments, or Oprah melodrama.’
    • ‘That's why I was very excited to discover a small oasis of fancypants food in my neighborhood, called Choice.’
    • ‘When I was a kid we had to wear turtle shells and we didn't have any fancypants space Velcro to keep them on.’
    • ‘He is leaving the midwest and moving to fancy-pants San Francisco for some girl.’
    • ‘Many feature films make him wear a fancy-pants wig.’
    • ‘Anyway, I ordered some kind of fancy-pants beer from Ireland, called Smithwick's or some deal.’
    • ‘If you have a fancy-pants burning program, use that.’
    • ‘They put me up in this really fancy-pants place.’
    • ‘Felidia is this fancy-pants restaurant owned by Lydia, who is apparently a chef with a show on PBS.’
    • ‘Lisa's wary of expensive over-priced fancy-pants food.’
    • ‘I persisted, and we agreed that I could take the class with all these fancypants designers on probation.’
    • ‘Their money is as green as any fancy-pants grant.’
    • ‘I'm from West Virginia and don't usually go in for such fancy-pants things, but my wife convinced me to give it a try.’
    • ‘Toney and I attended a "travel show" last Saturday, at the new fancy-pants Hilton in downtown Scranton.’
    • ‘Beyond using simple, accurate language, you can use fancy-pants words.’
    • ‘"Blanching" is simply a fancy-pants way of saying boil for a minute or two.’
    • ‘Sometimes those fancy-pants restaurants are all style and no substance, but this place delivered.’
    • ‘And I venture to suggest that he makes most literary fancypants self-obsessives look like the rank amateurs that they are.’
    • ‘I owe you kitchenfuls of baked goods filled with expensive chocolate and fancy-pants butter.’