Meaning of fancy goods in English:

fancy goods

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plural noun

  • Items for sale that are purely or chiefly ornamental.

    ‘Her crockery and fancy goods business is closely associated with the yearly cycle of religious festivals and holidays, with the more sporadic celebrations such as weddings and baptisms and with the commonplace rituals of everyday life.’
    • ‘We sell fancy goods, such as lamps and ornaments, as well.’
    • ‘The stalls were busy selling fancy goods and there was big demand for what I think was nothing more than rubbish, although there were some genuine goods.’
    • ‘A very busy shop with newsagent, lotto, fancy goods and general groceries, many customers go in there on a constant basis.’
    • ‘The pitchers could have been made in Albany, but they may well have been made in New Orleans, for the branch there made silver, in addition to selling fancy goods made by other manufacturers, such as lamps and silver-plated wares.’