Meaning of fanny in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfani/

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nounplural noun fannies

  • 1British vulgar slang A woman's genitals.

  • 2North American informal A person's buttocks.

    • ‘Marketing has to be ‘job one ‘he says, and the bottom line is ‘putting fannies in seats‘.’
    • ‘This is Elvis Presley, wiggling his fanny for posterity.’
    • ‘I gave him another shot of cough syrup and a pat on the fanny and sent him back out onto the Play-Doh-covered field.’
    • ‘I was able to catch him under the chin, while he was leaning over, and I knocked him flat on his fanny… He calmed down then, and when he got back on his feet he spent the next half hour ministering to the injured.’
    • ‘‘You'll find out soon enough,’ Jorge grumbled as he rubbed his fanny.’
    buttocks, behind, backside, bottom, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks

verbverb fannies, verb fannying, verb fannied

[no object] informal British fanny about or around
  • Mess around and waste time.

    • ‘they were fannying about in the street’


Late 19th century of unknown origin.