Meaning of far-distant in English:


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  • Remote in time or space.

    ‘this won't be possible until some time in the far-distant future’
    • ‘travel to far-distant lands’
    • ‘Jaisalmer is a far-distant fortress city, glowing golden amid the desert scrub.’
    • ‘Nor had the financial crisis those far-distant plans had been prepared to deal with gone away.’
    • ‘The noise came again; it sounded like a far-distant echo.’
    • ‘One reason I enjoy this trail so much is the brief illusion that the city bustle is gone, a far-distant memory.’
    • ‘London's bus service is planned by a non-profit-making body which aims to serve the resident population, not far-distant shareholders.’
    • ‘We are searching for what our far-distant ancestors were using, because these plants have a wider genetic base.’
    • ‘Its fictional world is impossibly remote, too far-distant to care about.’
    • ‘Some scientists are uneasy about such far-distant and local forecasts, however.’
    • ‘The Party can hardly remember the far-distant past when it was known for its serious thought.’
    • ‘Norway's high Arctic listening dish tracks quasars, far-distant emerging stars bursting with energy.’