Meaning of far right in English:

far right


the far right
  • The extreme right wing of a political party or group.

    ‘while the far right may gain some seats, it is far from gaining power’
    • ‘There was actually no net increase in the combined vote of the far right at all, compared with 1995.’
    • ‘What led to the confrontation with the far Right?’
    • ‘Some European conservative parties now seem to consider coalitions with the far right as a viable option.’
    • ‘Another new development in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s has been the emergence of parties from the Far Right.’
    • ‘The co-opting of the Union Jack by various fascist groups has been so successful that the flag is widely seen today as an emblem of the far right.’
    • ‘It is instructive to see how obvious similarities surface in the political ideas of the far left and the far right.’
    • ‘So far neither party have found a coherent strategy to deal with the far right.’
    • ‘Unlike many other populist standard-bearers of the far right, he was not anti-Semitic - but he was unashamedly anti-immigration.’
    • ‘People who call themselves progressives are lining themselves up with the Far Right in America.’
    • ‘In Western Europe the far right castigates the European Union (EU) as an agent of globalization.’


  • Belonging to or representing the views of the extreme right wing of a political party or group.

    ‘far right politicians’
    • ‘their far right ideology’
    • ‘JFK would be considered a far right radical by today's standards.’
    • ‘In fact you would look at Nixon, who we regarded as far right back then, as positively Marxist today.’
    • ‘The alternative can't be a far right party with a very limited constituency and an openly divisive agenda.’
    • ‘"I may not be as far right as some of the tea party members, but I would definitely consider myself a person of the tea party movement."’
    • ‘The Interior Minister said police had arrested around 100 far-right protesters who refused to leave following the end of the demonstration.’
    • ‘They seized computer hard drives, weapons and far-right propaganda material.’
    • ‘Far-right candidates came ahead in several key towns and cities that will put them in pole position in the second round on March 30.’
    • ‘Police erected security barriers in anticipation of possible protests by far-right and far-left extremist groups.’
    • ‘It is thought that those responsible for the attack were a far right group, rather than Lyon football fans.’
    • ‘Their opinions are certainly not centre-right, they are far right.’