Meaning of farang in English:


Pronunciation /faˈraŋ/


  • (among Thais) a European or other foreigner.

    ‘The allowance of farangs, or foreigners, into Bangkok for trade was an impetus for the construction of new buildings and roads.’
    • ‘The farang then left for Europe, but did receive an e-mail three months later.’
    • ‘Rather than putting signs up specifically for farangs who make mistaken assumption, the farang should obey the traffic laws as they stand.’
    • ‘The government stopped it, because they know farangs come back anyway, because farangs are already addicted to the Thai women.’
    • ‘This became something of a serious competition not only for the young men but also many farangs, male and female, not wishing to be out-done.’
    • ‘I hope you farangs understand that there are many ladies who have a heart, and sometimes a real broken heart, just like the ladies in your own country.’
    • ‘Both farangs were then arrested after failing to agree which one of them should pay 9,000 baht for damage to a grandfather clock and a bar mirror.’
    • ‘The caddies were quite surprised to see him disrobe, as he was already soaked to the skin, but assumed it was just another idiosyncrasy of the farangs.’
    • ‘Some local farangs are buying DVD recorders only to discover that they won't accept discs manufactured outside of Asia.’
    • ‘In this country Thais outnumber farangs hundreds to one.’
    • ‘Why then was the play totally directed against farangs?’
    • ‘Police sources say that there are a growing number of forged driving licenses circulating in Pattaya, some in the possession of farangs.’
    • ‘Being the only two farangs there, we were totally conspicuous every time we fell asleep on our knees or did something yet again more unacceptable.’
    • ‘For several years I myself have fumed at the illogical regulation which sends farangs out of the country to obtain re-entry visas.’
    • ‘Patrick has also come to look on Thailand as ‘home’ and is one of the few farangs who can sing the Thai National Anthem.’
    • ‘The continual whining of this small group about such a minor matter and such a small amount of money is embarrassing to the vast majority of farangs.’
    • ‘I admire your patience with all the farangs who want to change Thai culture, Thai tolerance, and even Thai government.’
    • ‘Dual pricing is patronising and an insult to both decent Thai folk and farangs alike, and to claim any thing other is quite simply ludicrous.’
    • ‘The most common disaster afflicting farangs here is a road accident, most often involving the ubiquitous motorbike.’


Thai, from frank.