Meaning of fare dodger in English:

fare dodger


informal British
  • A person who travels on public transport without paying the required fare.

    • ‘the train companies are cracking down on fare dodgers’
    • ‘Paying commuters today reacted with delight to news that more inspectors than ever are now hunting down fare dodgers.’
    • ‘The Transport Minister has said it is time to raise the penalty for fare-dodgers.’
    • ‘The National Express Group, which runs the ScotRail franchise, estimates it is losing up to 3 million pounds a year to fare-dodgers.’
    • ‘Though he and his team of four continually confront fare dodgers, they are entirely ineffective at issuing tickets.’
    • ‘The First Great Western spokesman said some fare-dodgers in Swindon could face prosecution.’
    • ‘Commuters and tourists at the Eurostar terminal were caught up in rioting after transport staff tried to stop a fare dodger.’
    • ‘Black-cab drivers should beware after a serial fare-dodger escaped a prison sentence last week, despite the brazen cons he pulled on trusting cabbies.’
    • ‘This isn't about catching fare dodgers, but rather an overall objective to deny thieves and other criminals the free use of the trains in order to prey on Essex people.’
    • ‘It aimed to reduce the number of fare-dodgers and catch robbers and thieves who operate through the transport system.’
    • ‘These proposals should help to reduce the number of fare dodgers and act as a more realistic deterrent for others.’