Meaning of farmland in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɑːmland/

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mass nounalso farmlands
  • Land used for farming.

    ‘The people, farmlands, and farming practices of Asia come to life in this varied collection.’
    • ‘In order to enlarge the prison's farmlands, 114 acres of additional land was purchased from Bunn in 1883.’
    • ‘That has made mainstream use on America's irrigated farmlands a reality.’
    • ‘Thanks to improvements in productivity, less and less land is required as farmland.’
    • ‘Already the lowland coconut plantation farmlands of Tuvalu are being swamped by the rising sea.’
    • ‘He has also offered to turn over 800 acres of his farmland to provide an east coast sanctuary for wildlife and fauna.’
    • ‘The deli, which is set in 25 acres of farmland, also puts on a monthly class.’
    • ‘The village has not yet been submerged and they are still there living off their six acres of farmland.’
    • ‘The next house must be well away from any kind of arable farmland.’
    • ‘Eighty per cent of the land in the village is farmland, so harvest time affects everyone here.’
    • ‘This part of Georgia is mostly pastures and farmland with small rolling hills.’
    • ‘These features may also have contributed to the poor agricultural yield in the farmlands adjoining the factory.’
    • ‘The land includes the canal and surrounding farmland but not the factory site itself, the sports field or the slag bank.’
    • ‘Much of the proposed zoned land is backing onto existing gardens and farmland.’
    • ‘It has yet to agree on a land premium for changing the site's usage from farmland to residential.’
    • ‘The land surrounding this section is farmland and small plots of vegetable gardens.’
    • ‘I am further annoyed that yet another piece of open land has been fenced in and turned into farmland.’
    • ‘Rolling farmlands, covered bridges, and vineyards mark the countryside.’
    • ‘It was lucky to have lots of natural resources such as iron ore, coal, and oil and farmlands ideal for growing crops.’
    • ‘It is a small homestead in the middle of farmlands and shrub jungle.’
    smallholding, holding, farmstead, steading, grange, plantation, estate