Main meanings of faro in English

: faro1Faro2



mass noun
  • A gambling card game in which players bet on the order in which the cards will appear.

    ‘After conning a new victim, Jones would gamble away his money at faro, usually in crooked games run by other hustlers.’
    • ‘He did not mention that he had felt lonely, when Philip had left their picquet game to play faro and drink sociably with his peers.’
    • ‘The first part described the game of faro and is of little importance other than showing that Daniel was learning about probability at this time.’
    • ‘Does that mean you're a faro player?’
    • ‘He was a layabout and an amateur boxer, a no-luck faro player with a temper when he lost.’
    • ‘A dozen or so were clustered around the faro table in the centre while, at the smaller tables, members played in pairs or foursomes.’



/ˈfɑːrəʊ/ /ˈfɛːrəʊ/


Early 18th century (originally as pharaoh or pharo): from French pharaon (see pharaoh), said to have been the name of the king of hearts.

Main meanings of Faro in English

: faro1Faro2


Pronunciation /ˈfɑːrəʊ/

proper noun

  • A seaport on the south coast of Portugal, capital of the Algarve; population 58,739 (2007).