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Pronunciation /fɑːt/

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[no object] informal
  • 1Emit wind from the anus.

    • ‘The proletarians were said to have bodies that were not sublimated, which farted and belched and emitted all sorts of cacophonous noises.’
    • ‘Basically, they spend their days farting, chewing grass and staring at passing cars with expressions of vague bewilderment.’
    • ‘Start to watch one of those programmes where non-celebrities, normal people, fall over, get wet or film their children farting in the bath.’
    • ‘Anyhow, this post is all about farting, so if you have problems with that and are a bit prudish, then probably you might not want to read any further.’
    • ‘Naturally, my mum was disgusted (being that mums for some reason are exempt from farting and the like).’
    • ‘An uneven potpourri of singing and farting soon joined them.’
    • ‘That is, until Rebecca started farting like a broken car.’
    • ‘I really, at this point, want to stop talking about farting.’
    • ‘Everyone was farting (with nerves I expect) and if someone had lit a match in our carriage it would have blown sky high.’
    • ‘He's been shown farting loudly and annoying all the girls.’
    • ‘That's worse than farting in an elevator and blaming the blind kid.’
    • ‘Apparently, I was farting in my sleep this morning and it woke you up.’
    • ‘But, then, he can't do it without farting too, so we'll not talk about him.’
    • ‘Many of you may remember the first time your innate female air of innocence got you off the hook - for me it was farting in church.’
    • ‘I've been informed that one of the major contributors to the greenhouse effect is the methane produced from cows farting.’
    • ‘Disciplinary sanctions cover everything from fighting to farting.’
    • ‘Research showing that herrings apparently communicate by farting.’
    • ‘I know it's like farting in church but it's still worth saying out loud that the postal workers have won a tremendous victory.’
    • ‘Then at the restaurant one has to mind one's manners, no slurping, grunting, farting or burping.’
    • ‘That goes for the fat guy next to me who is taking up three seats and won't stop farting.’
    intestinal gas, wind, gas
  • 2fart around or aboutWaste time on silly or trivial things.

    • ‘How am I supposed to waste time farting around when people keep killing each other.’
    • ‘My publishers are farting around at the moment but they will bring it out in a kind of lavishly tooled arty-farty volume.’
    • ‘Whilst we, their former colonial oppressors, are still farting around with bits of paper, pencils and tin boxes - they've just got on with it and held their first totally electronic national election.’
    • ‘Christmas morning will be spent playing cards as a family in the middle of a mass of wrapping paper and farting around with the ‘fun’ gifts.’
    • ‘Asif was farting around like he'd never been in a storm before.’
    • ‘Instead, we have had the usual farting around, and now here we are with 1,000 people staring into the abyss.’
    • ‘Sorry, I've been farting around with JavaScript for hours and I'm not in the mood to post more.’
    • ‘You're the one who wanted to go out and said they were ready and now you're farting about with makeup when it's dark outside anyway!’
    • ‘Don't mind me, just farting about with the template.’
    • ‘I've been farting around with firewalls, spyware and updating my anti-virus software this week, which in addition to some ISP hassles has kept me away from blogging.’
    • ‘I'm sure a real DJ could whip up a better version of this abomination fairly easily, but I was just farting around in audio software and figured I might as well upload it.’
    • ‘And while he was at it, he installed the MT upgrade for me too - something I'd been farting around about for a couple of weeks now.’
    • ‘I'd much rather make a film where women are doing something interesting rather than sitting around, looking pretty and farting around in tight skirts.’
    • ‘As soon as I feel a bit less wobbly, I'm going to take my digital camera and head into the city for a day of celebratory farting around.’
    • ‘I stayed up way too late just farting around on my computer, had some really weird dreams this morning, and now here I am.’
    • ‘I don't think giving it a holiday means farting around with HTML on my template.’
    • ‘Most of these were taken when I was farting around with the camera in the bus, taking photos out the window.’
    • ‘Of course, now I've farted around and everyone else has already blogged about it, but it's still worth a look-see if you haven't caught it already.’
    • ‘I slept in very late (since it was a huge sleep debt I'd built up), then farted around on the computer.’
    • ‘I think I was awake by about 10, and just farted around the apartment until it was time for my hair appointment.’


  • 1An emission of wind from the anus.

    • ‘We know also that farts are warm (not hot), so I'll add that: a fart is warm wind emitted from the anus.’
    • ‘Nature decided to put an abrupt end to our finger-pointing conspiracy theorists' dialogue, when a deafening fart emptied from the anus of someone soundly asleep downstairs.’
    • ‘If I can remember what I learned in junior high school regarding tornadoes, they're some kind of thing which is made up of wind, like a fart but only much more powerful.’
    • ‘I'm sure all the problems you mentioned will disappear like a fart in the wind.’
    • ‘You consciously clench your anus to ensure that any sneaky sudden farts don't take you and your fellow passengers by surprise.’
    • ‘He was drawing up his knees, a definite pain cry that would lessen just after a fart and then increase again until the next release of wind.’
    • ‘What about white kidney bean extract, the horrible farts, the newfound energy I experienced?’
    • ‘Take no action to conceal the sound of your many farts (in fact, it might be better to do this with a number of people).’
    • ‘Yes, even a governor or Oscar winner will be asked if they like the smell of their farts.’
    • ‘When she mentioned the issue of the loans, the response was like when your aged aunt farts at the dinner table.’
    • ‘My greatest fear was that we would be associated with all these fart jokes.’
    • ‘While we waited the elderly man in front of Dawn let out a very loud fart.’
    • ‘To this end, I let out a loud, long fart.’
    • ‘He throws in a few fart gags later, plus we get to see him in a sumo thong.’
    • ‘In particular I loved it's absurdity, it's gross attention to detail and it's endless fart gags.’
    • ‘All of a sudden I let out a massive fart that smelled of filet mignon.’
    • ‘Ossie let a big, long, smelly fart in his direction.’
    • ‘Why do we like to smell our own farts, yet are sickened by those of others?’
    • ‘I thought that everyone understood that farts are funny.’
    • ‘And he should find farts funny, too.’
  • 2A boring or contemptible person.

    • ‘he was such an old fart’
    • ‘I'm a boring old fart, who values her money, and won't buy him a brand new shirt to chop holes in so he can look like a pirate.’
    • ‘I'm being a boring old fart so I'm in my room getting ready to go to bed.’
    • ‘On television, there was some boring old fart in a suit talking about the dangers of credit growth.’
    • ‘It was a good night, although it did confirm that I have become a boring old fart.’
    • ‘But you have to be terribly careful because anything that you say that is even mildly critical means you sound like an old fart.’
    • ‘He's quite the old fart, and look - he managed to avoid drooling when he spoke today!’
    • ‘Yes, and I suppose this officially makes me an old fart if I even care about these sorts of things, but if we don't have standards, then what separates us from the savages?’
    • ‘Now, I may be an old fart having been a journalist for 36 years, but I have never, ever known a journalist wanting to be on the commercial side of the business.’
    • ‘The old fart really doesn't like people, does he?’
    • ‘Surely my piercings aren't a sign that I'm an old fart?’
    • ‘I'm coping with being an old fart remarkably well.’
    • ‘This isn't an old fart complaining that things were better in his youth; it's the result of deliberate policy.’
    • ‘If that's a sign of age, then call me an old fart, just don't say I'm wrong for being so.’
    • ‘I'm turning into an old fart who only wants to listen to music I already know.’
    • ‘I'll be missing the last couple of hours because I'm an old fart and I need my sleep.’
    • ‘I don't think I'm about to let an old fart like you see anyone.’
    • ‘Yes, the old fart died, but the point is, he did me a great injustice.’
    • ‘But, at risk of sounding like an old fart, in my day the cartoons at least tried to provide some entertainment value of their own.’
    • ‘As I said earlier my children probably think I'm a boring old fart.’
    • ‘Who wants to admit that they've become a boring old fart?’


Old English (recorded in the verbal noun feorting ‘farting’) of Germanic origin; related to German farzen, furzen.