Meaning of fart sack in English:

fart sack


informal North American, Australian, New Zealand
  • A bed or a sleeping bag.

    • ‘get out of the fart sack, the coffee is on’
    • ‘I stretched my fart sack out on the dirt floor’
    • ‘I wonder how many are still snoring in the fart sack.’
    • ‘They pull themselves out of their "fart sacks" and throw their feet onto the sandy tarp that is their floor.’
    • ‘"Leave go of him and go on back to your fartsack and relax." He turned and went back to his bunk.’
    • ‘Sometimes, there were three ‘fart sacks’ per cabin.’
    • ‘What are you doing out of the fart sack so early?’
    • ‘On a Monday, the warmth of the fart-sack seemed more alluring.’
    • ‘My “fart sack” and pack were the only items on the building's dusty and worn wooden floor.’