Meaning of farter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɑːtə/


  • 1A person who breaks wind.

    • ‘I could have put up with a snorer or a farter’
    • ‘Sometimes the farter tries to blame someone else in the nearby vicinity; the elevator operator, for example.’
    • ‘I am a secretive serial farter.’
    • ‘My thoughts are that those around me will not assume I was the farter.’
    • ‘Other people, like the farter in my former yoga class, just have no shame whatsoever.’
    • ‘The elderly farter just stared back at everyone who looked at him.’
    • ‘One of them made some fearful smells and the other was a champion farter.’
    • ‘It reminded me of a guy who was a notorious farter, and would regularly funk-up one whole corner of the building.’
    • ‘If you are standing next to the farter, pretend you did not hear it.’
    • ‘There has been no reappearance of the phantom farter who terrorised my last flight.’
    • ‘I used to work with a grubby little farter who loved to drop one in elevators.’
  • 2Australian A bed or a sleeping bag.

    • ‘he much prefers to be out of bed, rather than being in the farter where he belongs’
    • ‘I saw one bloke get so fed up with a mate who refused to get out of the farter that he hit him in the face with the wooden butt of his rifle.’
    • ‘I have to change my nightly routines so that I set things up before going to bed, rather than trying to get it together when I've just crawled out of the farter.’
    • ‘Why am I out of the farter at this hour?’
    • ‘I really couldn't be bothered getting out of the farter to have my intelligence insulted.’
    • ‘Why not get a decent stereo AM tuner for listening to Rex and an alarm for getting yourself out of the farter?’


    hit the farter
    Australian informal
    • Go to sleep.

      • ‘I must hit the farter earlier’
      • ‘Thanks, Bones, you can go and hit the farter now.’
      • ‘I have been up since 3:30am yesterday, it's time to hit the farter.’
      • ‘I've gotta hit the farter, I've just been to a birthday party and had a few too many vodka shots.’
      • ‘We slipped into the public camping area without having to pay, rolled out our swags, and hit the farter.’
      • ‘After setting up and a couple of beers, we hit the farter.’