Meaning of fascistic in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈʃɪstɪk/


  • Having or relating to extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices.

    ‘his campaign is filled with vaguely fascistic imagery’
    • ‘the party's most overtly fascistic elements’
    • ‘a fascistic militia movement’
    • ‘They tended to become fascistic themselves - to become obsessed by seizing power.’
    • ‘Every year, no matter who wins at the polls, the government grows larger and more fascistic.’
    • ‘Images of strapping masculinity are often slated as fascistic.’
    • ‘Are fascistic far-right parties really 'on the march again'?’
    • ‘Is this the way to criticize an administration that seems to have some fascistic tendencies?’
    • ‘Over several years he has acted Coriolanus, Kent in King Lear, and a ruthless, fascistic Richard III in a production set in a version of 1930s London.’
    • ‘Only two years ago the party was gripped by internal feuding, which led to the expulsion of openly fascistic elements from its ranks.’
    • ‘He is described as more like a successful media tycoon than the leader of a fascistic politico-religious cult.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of political dissidents have been executed for simply not wanting this fascistic regime.’


1920s from fascist + -ic.