Meaning of fashion-forward in English:




  • (of a person or style of clothing) very fashionable.

    ‘the clothing line of choice for fashion-forward women’
    • ‘With high-quality, fashion-forward tees, American Apparel aspires to be the "Starbucks" of the T-shirt world.’
    • ‘The fashion-forward French aren't the only ones wearing Weil's creations.’
    • ‘A fashion-forward 2002 bikini they can don on the beach would suit them just fine.’
    • ‘Creative designs can be as subtle or fashion-forward as the project requires.’
    • ‘But today's fashion-forward youth are taking things into their own hands.’
    • ‘Fortunately for the less fashion-forward men like myself, women drive the men's fashion market.’
    • ‘Moreover, Brookwood's stock division now carries more fashion-forward products, and is doing very well, she adds.’
    • ‘Nine West is a bit more fashion-forward, but their leather is often stiff.’
    • ‘Other experts caution that only the young and thin can pull it off, or those who are very fashion-forward and daring.’
    • ‘You've got your basic bread-and-butter guys, you've got some fashion-forward guys and you've got some retro looks.’
    • ‘All three share a certain flair for fashion-forward design.’
    • ‘Our Boutique range is an in-house, design-led collection which is very directional and fashion-forward.’
    • ‘So what is a fashion-forward guy to do?’
    • ‘I also tell him what I think would be a nice fashion-forward style - what other people and my peers like.’
    • ‘But more recently, fashion-forward labels, better known for their $2,000 handbags and red-carpet-worthy frocks, are starting to take a closer look at the kindergarten crowd.’
    • ‘It is compelling, fashion-forward product with a great personality behind it.’
    • ‘You'll adore great-smelling, fashion-forward scents.’
    • ‘Diesel has become the clothing line of choice for fashion-forward fashionistas and fashion civilians alike.’
    • ‘Aren't all the most fashion-forward ex-presidents carrying Tanner Krolle this season?’
    • ‘They must reorganize their workplaces to be able to take on a large mix of smaller fashion-forward and mass-customized runs.’