Meaning of fashion parade in English:

fashion parade

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  • An event in which a series of people appear one after another modelling clothes for an audience.

    ‘the pupils took part in a fashion parade’
    • ‘music festivals are more of a fashion parade than anything else these days’
    • ‘There was a stunning fashion parade involving many of the fashion boutiques in Ballina.’
    • ‘The fashion parade will feature a beautiful collection of clothes, from flowing evening gowns to funky techno gear, showcased by local models.’
    • ‘It's a sports event, not a fashion parade, people!’
    • ‘In order to compete, the store had to cater for a middle-class market, and in the 1950s the French fashion parades were revived.’
    • ‘In the evening, a fashion parade of styles from the last 50 years will be held in a marquee at the The Marcia Inn.’
    • ‘Caprice hosted the stage performances, which included fashion parades of designer outfits designed and made by college students.’
    • ‘Face painting, fashion parades, costumes, indigenous dancers, and a puppet show were popular features of the events.’
    • ‘Events include a barbecue, a fashion parade with music and clothes from 1952-2002, and an open day at the Archbishop of York's Palace.’
    • ‘The dinner finished with a fashion parade, with Thailand's top models presenting a frothy couture collection.’
    • ‘The biggest excitement during the fashion parade was provided by two beautiful international models.’