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fashion plate

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  • 1A person who dresses very fashionably.

    ‘Until her death at age 74, ‘she continued to dress like a fashion plate and apply her dramatic Cleopatra makeup,’ he says.’
    • ‘You weren't exactly a fashion plate, but who cared?’
    • ‘It's not like I'm a fashion plate by any means, but they are.’
    • ‘Jimmie, you're a fashion plate in a world of rock drabness.’
    • ‘Papa sports endless plaid shirts and Mother was a fashion plate in spreading skirts and petticoats.’
    • ‘I mean, you've been discussing her beauty, and whether she was a fashion plate or not.’
    • ‘Brit used to be a fashion plate and whatever she wore was the height of chic.’
    • ‘You might have been wondering when the fashion plate and sometime footballer was going to turn up.’
    • ‘But she was also a bit of a fashion plate and a party girl who didn't know when to stop partying, I guess.’
    • ‘One of the editors was very much a fashion plate, and because of her I took my salary every week to a store on Fifth Avenue and put it toward a gorgeous gold brooch that I'd seen in the window.’
    • ‘But now that I think about it, Jared wasn't really a fashion plate.’
    • ‘Now over 80 years old, she remains a Hollywood fashion plate and venerable legend.’
    • ‘Lorna turned around to find a petite fashion plate in a power suit.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Alex was a fashion plate while Ellie liked wearing jeans and t-shirts.’
    • ‘She looked like a fashion plate, and your eyes widened when you saw her 3 sets of pierced ears.’
    • ‘He embraces his role as a fashion plate and is flattered to be an icon among gays.’
    • ‘He was a soap opera-watching fashion plate who tithed half his earnings to Calvin Klein.’
    • ‘Can it be traced back to a lost bet or a dare among two fashion plates?’
    • ‘Not only did no one at the orientation notice my coolness, no one - not even the budding fashion plates - were wearing anything remotely like that shirt.’
    • ‘Although some of the more rigid traditions have faded, pressures are still high on women in Japan to be docile fashion plates.’
  • 2A picture, typically in a magazine, illustrating a new or current fashion in clothes.

    ‘At that time, the first fashion magazines, highlighting creations for royal courtiers, appeared and the fashion plate, or picture dedicated to showing the very latest mode, came into existence.’
    • ‘Then she turned her attention back to the colorful fashion plates in the magazine.’
    • ‘It was common for dresses to be made to the client's own patterns; they saw fashion dolls from Paris, and fashion plates in the ladies' magazines, which they copied.’
    • ‘The ensemble was not something you'd see on a fashion plate but it was practical, warm, and weather-proof.’
    • ‘The hand-colored fashion plates were also described in the text, and these colors were noted.’
    • ‘Grandma will make you skirt like the one in the fashion plates we looked at.’
    • ‘She to Rivenhouse at noon with some cloth samples and the latest fashion plates.’
    • ‘As it is you have brought too many fashion plates for her.’