Meaning of fashion victim in English:

fashion victim


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informal, derogatory
  • A person who follows popular fashions slavishly.

    • ‘the military style great coat is the item fashion victims are queueing up for this season’
    • ‘She describes a fashion victim as ‘someone who takes all the trends of a given time and ends up looking like a store mannequin; in a word, absurd.’’
    • ‘Conversely, always stay within what you feel comfortable wearing to avoid raising the suspicions that there's a fashion victim in need of style resuscitation.’
    • ‘If the outfit and shoes look best with bare legs, go ahead as long as you can brave the temperature and don't look like a frostbitten fashion victim on the way to the ER.’
    • ‘Style is all about being comfortable and looking great, and not letting your clothes wear you - that is being a fashion victim.’
    • ‘Revamp your wardrobe with the help of our in-house expert, and find out if you're a fashion victim or a style master.’
    • ‘I've never been much of a fashion victim, preferring styles that I believe suit me rather than the trends of the day.’
    • ‘Style is all about being comfortable and looking great; don't become a fashion victim - although all your clothes and accessories may be ‘nice,’ they just may not be nice for you.’
    • ‘But while the ready availability of sparkly T-shirts, studded belts and camouflage bikinis has undoubtedly been good for the retail trade, it leaves the serious fashion victim with something of a dilemma.’
    • ‘Strapping on pink, white, blue, red, purple, yellow, white and black together means you are a fashion victim who will go with anyone who pays the slightest bit of interest in you.’
    • ‘However, I wouldn't say Melanie is a fashion victim.’
    • ‘All I know is that back in the 80s I entered a fluorescent jacket every day and all it made me was a fashion victim.’
    • ‘By all means follow any of the television chefs and their glossy cookbooks to create mouthwatering nibbles, but do not become a food fashion victim.’
    • ‘It kind of started with the idea of being a fashion victim, like I was going to make some clothes or something.’
    • ‘Our discussion was centred on whether she is a true journalist or just a fashion victim who happens to know a lot about the latest trends.’
    • ‘Make peace with it now and stop being such a fashion victim.’
    • ‘Do you have a shot that makes you look like a world-class fashion victim?’
    • ‘A woman's sense of style is often her trademark, but it can also make her a fashion victim.’
    • ‘Choose idealism over cynicism, if only to avoid being a fashion victim.’
    • ‘She has also taught me that you can wear anything if you wear it with conviction and you don't have to be a fashion victim to look good.’