Meaning of fashionista in English:


Pronunciation /ˌfaʃəˈniːstə/

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  • 1A designer of haute couture.

    • ‘Color experts, interior designers and fashionistas all agree: right now, red is red hot in everything from home decor to evening wear to iMacs.’
    • ‘They were among hairdressing's first superstar stylists, fashionistas before the term was even invented.’
    • ‘And they recently signed the hot fashionista to design new lines of sport clothing.’
    • ‘I hate fashion, I hate the fashion industry, I hate the fashionistas, I hate fashion shows, I hate most of the couture culture, but I love clothes.’
    • ‘The designer tells it like it is to would-be fashionistas on the show.’
  • 2A devoted follower of fashion.

    • ‘sleek designs that press all the fashionistas' buttons’
    • ‘The fashion trend setter boldly goes where other fashionistas have yet to follow.’
    • ‘Some young fashionistas shrug off such concerns, however.’
    • ‘The latter show was held outside, opposite the Natural History Museum much to the delight of fashionistas and hundreds of children queueing up to see the dinosaurs.’
    • ‘Certainly, denim is a fabric that is rich in history and it enjoys great loyalty among fashionistas and truck drivers alike.’
    • ‘What you think is in style one season may be viewed as passé the next, especially by the hardcore fashionistas.’
    • ‘When my grandmother took a job at a children's shoe factory, I learned how many shoes were available for a young fashionista like me.’
    • ‘Basically its just a wonderfully witty book written in the voice of a fashionista that we can actually connect with.’
    • ‘All fashionista's should have a piece of art like this hanging on their walls!’
    • ‘Any fashionista worth her weight in acquisitions can smell a piece of Prada from yards away.’
    • ‘She is able to strike the perfect balance between function and form, and her designs are some of the most sought after with fashionistas everywhere.’
    • ‘With the hair extensions, she looks more girl-next-door than cool fashionista.’
    • ‘They turned away a few fashionistas during fashion week shortly after opening.’
    • ‘But come Saturday night, they gather in Johannesburg basements, decked out to the nines and stylishly vogue like New York fashionistas.’
    • ‘The graphics are lively and colorful, and it all looks bright and nicely saturated, as any cartoon about budding fashionistas should be.’
    • ‘But Italian style is famous worldwide; interior designers flock to the Milan furniture fair with the same fervour as fashionistas watch the city's catwalks.’
    • ‘The message board, normally the exclusive domain of fashion and beauty tips, was full of comments from fashionistas aghast at the proposed changes.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, fashionistas deemed it acceptable to mix and match pricey fashions with discount rags.’
    • ‘It has kept growth on track by sticking to its tried-and-tested formula of providing affordable fast fashion, the cheap chic that fills a young fashionista's closet.’
    • ‘The sense of security fashionistas obtain from designer labels - that feeling of being part of a select club - is a false one.’
    • ‘We head towards the Rocky Mountains where we come to a town abundant in stylish fashionistas and Ferrari's.’


1990s from fashion+ -ista.