Meaning of fast-flowing in English:



  • Flowing swiftly.

    ‘a fast-flowing river’
    • ‘The most dangerous aspect of the rescue operation is being lowered on a winch to rescue people caught in the fast-flowing water.’
    • ‘New Zealand has had a long history of hydro electricity development, with many fast-flowing rivers available for generation.’
    • ‘The police helicopter is doing sweeps of the fast-flowing river at low tide.’
    • ‘The drop from the bridge is about 20 ft into fast-flowing water, which ranges in depth.’
    • ‘The Ouse is very dangerous: the fast-flowing undercurrents can catch out the strongest swimmer.’
    • ‘The report noted that a large volume of water produced by a storm had turned the normally placid river into a fast-flowing torrent.’
    • ‘The upland rivers are quite fast-flowing, which makes it more difficult to swim against the stream.’
    • ‘He had been driving alongside a fast-flowing river.’
    • ‘The water was so ferocious and fast-flowing.’
    • ‘Residents in Sutton-in-Craven, near Skipton, woke up to torrential rain and fast-flowing water outside their front doors yesterday.’
    • ‘The hunt for the man was carried out only by police helicopter yesterday as the river was too fast-flowing for underwater divers.’
    • ‘The river, carrying snowmelt from the Alps, was ice-cold, and its waters were fast-flowing.’
    • ‘Inland are rugged mountains, forested hills, and fast-flowing rivers.’
    • ‘France and Italy, which lacked coal resources, generated hydro-electric power from the fast-flowing waters of the Alps.’
    • ‘A raised section of pavement in the middle of the slip road forced drivers briefly out into the fast-flowing traffic of the A64, exposing them to unnecessary danger.’
    • ‘A patched up York team were Keighley's equals when it came to fast-flowing attacking rugby in the middle of the park.’
    • ‘He dived in and started swimming to the other side but within a few inches of reaching the far bank was pulled downstream by the fast-flowing current.’
    • ‘He had been trying to rescue a 14-year-old boy who had run into trouble on the weir when he was pulled under the fast-flowing water.’
    • ‘As a teenager, he dipped his toe into the fast-flowing waters of criminality, but withdrew quickly before the tides sucked him in.’
    • ‘Derry played some lovely fast-flowing football for a while, culminating in great scores from Johnny McBride and and Kevin Doherty.’
    torrential, powerful, forceful, vigorous, violent, raging, rampant, relentless, unrestrained, uncontrolled, unbridled