Meaning of fast-growing in English:


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  • Increasing in size at a rapid rate.

    ‘the fast-growing organic food market’
    • ‘fast-growing crops’
    • ‘We thought this was a very fast-growing market.’
    • ‘Chinese researchers have also sent them several fungi for screening on "mile-a-minute," a fast-growing vine with sharp spines.’
    • ‘Organic milk is now a fast-growing part of the organic foods industry.’
    • ‘Across the United States, wind power is the fastest-growing electric power source.’
    • ‘The Midwest is going to be the fastest-growing segment.’
    • ‘Possible low-cost feedstocks include municipal solid waste, switch grass and even fast-growing hardwoods.’
    • ‘Keeping poultry is currently the fastest-growing hobby in the country and membership of the Poultry Club of Great Britain has increased 15 per cent on last year.’
    • ‘They'd like to put attention on that program because it's clearly the fastest-growing demographic segment.’
    • ‘In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing US food markets, outpacing the growth of the cheddar and mozzarella markets.’
    • ‘The fast-growing, young advertising agency called for maximum design creativity, stipulating that communication within the firm and access for clients was more important than departmental hierarchy.’
    • ‘This breed is a standard white bird, fast-growing, but not the hardiest thing around.’
    • ‘Oregon law requires fast-growing cities, cities with populations over 25,000, and metropolitan service districts to include enough buildable land for the next 20 years of residential growth within their urban growth boundaries.’
    • ‘In the fast-growing town of Nanterre, a fire station has become a new landmark, with a copper-colored facade that changes with the daylight.’
    • ‘Soon, very soon, we will have to recognize that Australia is an off-shore island in an Asia-Pacific world of very dynamic and fast-growing societies and civilisations.’
    • ‘She has opened and paved a way to exploring a fast-growing genre.’
    • ‘I wanted to work in a different, fast-growing industry on exciting products—computer games seemed like the obvious choice.’
    • ‘The kingela tree found in the savanna is fast-growing.’
    • ‘Its annual growth rate over the last two years has been over 50 per cent per annum which puts it as the fastest-growing industry in the country.’
    flourishing, burgeoning, thriving, prospering, prosperous, successful, strong, vigorous, buoyant