Meaning of fast-pitch softball in English:

fast-pitch softball


(also fast-pitch)
mass noun
  • A variety of the game of softball, featuring fast underhand pitching.

    ‘Baseball, fast-pitch softball and slow-pitch, the games I played enthusiastically in college years and Army time, always had call-in reserved fields.’
    • ‘There are three forms of the game - fast-pitch, slow-pitch and 16-inch slow-pitch - and the most obvious change from baseball is that the pitcher releases the ball underarm.’
    • ‘I remember Joe working games when I played in junior high, high school, American Legion, and later on as an adult playing fast-pitch softball.’
    • ‘It is quite different from other throwing and swinging sports such as Jai Alai and fast-pitch softball, in which the windup is in a counterclockwise direction when viewed from a right shoulder.’
    • ‘His father coached one of the premier fast-pitch softball teams in Canada.’
    • ‘Then there were the risers from his fast-pitch softball days that would leave my glove hand bruised.’
    • ‘Barely a teenager, Dorothy ‘Dot’ Richardson would draw crowds to watch her play fast-pitch softball.’
    • ‘A personal best for the Swinging Riots - the women's fast-pitch softball team from Malaysia - was defined by the center fielder.’
    • ‘While she was still in high school, she played for the Budweiser Belles, who were based in North Jersey and were one of the top women's fast-pitch teams in the country.’