Meaning of fast follower in English:

fast follower


  • A company that quickly imitates the innovations of its competitors.

    ‘its successful model of evolving from fast follower to market leader’
    • ‘fast-follower strategies’
    • ‘In the mobile sector, it has been a fast follower instead of being a risk-taker.’
    • ‘Its fast follower strategy relies on competitors who are slower and/or oblivious to changing market conditions.’
    • ‘Early adopters and fast followers have established a clear understanding of these activities and how to execute on them.’
    • ‘Prior to 2006, we were a fast follower in terms of technology development.’
    • ‘It is simply the reality that leaders who define a market segment take a higher margin, while fast followers spend margin money attempting to catch up.’
    • ‘How do they prevent fast followers who mimic their product?’
    • ‘Publishers don't like to appear to be fast followers.’
    • ‘Fast-follower strategies are actually more successful in general than innovation-pioneering strategies.’
    • ‘The company's pitch looks promising, but in an industry full of fast followers and riddled with digital disruption, its future remains uncertain.’
    • ‘You have to be willing to be a fast follower, as you start to see things that work for other companies.’