Meaning of fast track in English:

fast track

Pronunciation /ˈfast trak/

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in singular
  • A route or method which provides for more rapid results than usual.

    ‘a career in the fast track of the Civil Service’
    • ‘The ideal person will be professionally qualified and be able to demonstrate a fast track career history.’
    • ‘By the time she was born, those days were behind him and he was on the fast track of an army career.’
    • ‘We lack the kind of mentorship and connections with people who can help us on the fast track and up the career ladder.’
    • ‘Resurfacing, pavement improvement and traffic flow improvement will be done under a fast track programme.’
    • ‘The fast track process should cut the visa wait to as little as 24 hours for foreign reporters wishing to enter China.’
    • ‘Rachel's voice whispered to him - did that matter if it guaranteed him a fast track to public performance?’
    • ‘You can also take the fast track to elite membership by requesting and completing an elite challenge.’
    • ‘I think a lot of parents are taken up with this idea that their kids are going to fall behind and that they have to get them on the fast track early.’
    • ‘By the time he touched down, his peace mission was on the fast track to failure.’
    • ‘She's also currently on the fast track to mastering the Bulgarian language.’
    • ‘Federal prosecutors will assess whether any information offered is strong enough to allow an informant on to the fast track.’
    • ‘Although she is not on the fast track to becoming a millionaire, she is not looking at a poverty-stricken future either.’
    • ‘It was a revolutionary job, but not exactly on the fast track to anywhere.’
    • ‘This is one constitutional amendment that evidently is being put on the fast track.’
    • ‘It follows that if parents mess up in any way, there can be no second chance, and their offspring will be on the fast track to a blighted life.’
    • ‘The administration says it is open to changes so long as the legislation is put on a fast track.’
    • ‘George will be quickly put on the fast track programme and foreign deputation will follow in a year.’
    • ‘For an unknown presenter to be awarded such a plum job signals both that he is on the fast track to success and that the station is in need of a boost.’
    • ‘The band is gasping for breath, running in the fast track of the music industry.’
    • ‘Glasgow-based, and with his name mentioned in all the right places, he appears to be on the fast track to fame.’


(also fast-track)
[with object]
  • Accelerate the progress of (a person or project)

    ‘the board voted to fast-track the stadium plan’
    • ‘The government recently announced plans for a bill to fast-track large-scale projects such as the metro.’
    • ‘The minister said the government was planning legislation to fast-track infrastructure projects.’
    • ‘Any plans to fast-track incineration projects are likely to cause a serious row in the cabinet.’
    • ‘By fast-tracking the low-risk passengers, Canada Customs will be able to spend more time on higher- and unknown-risk passengers.’
    • ‘Such was his promise that the sport's administrators have fast-tracked him on to the main touring circuit, and he has repaid their confidence by qualifying for his first finals.’
    • ‘At the hospital, which is full of people who look like they have been waiting around for an awfully long time, I am efficiently fast-tracked through the system.’
    • ‘Despite his protestations of innocence he was fast-tracked into court the following day and jailed for 11 years.’
    • ‘He was fast-tracked into management and took his first junior executive role at the age of 22.’
    • ‘The Board are delighted with this development and believe it will help enormously to fast-track the project to completion.’
    • ‘She was lovely too, said she'd fast-track us through the selection process to end up ‘on-air’.’
    • ‘This is often taken as evidence that gender discrimination persists, and as basis for calls to fast-track women to higher positions.’
    • ‘The project was fast-tracked, leaving no time for cost accounting.’
    • ‘Affably but insistently, he makes a bid to establish some firm deadlines and fast-track the project.’
    • ‘He urged Congress to pass a bill giving him special powers to fast-track development projects in the city.’
    • ‘It would also fast-track me onto the short list for the position of his next general factotum - his preferred option.’
    • ‘And success could also fast-track him up the rankings towards a potential shot at the domestic title.’
    • ‘She lives just down the road from us, so Wendy can fast-track you to them.’
    • ‘It was incumbent now that the region supports the airport and that the Government fast-tracks investment in projects directly linked to the airport.’
    • ‘The job is likely to take until the end of the year - residents are hopeful the project will be fast-tracked following several weeks delay.’
    • ‘The government of Brazil is currently fast-tracking dozens of projects that will expand mining, logging and agriculture in the region.’
    quick, fast, swift, speedy, high-speed, expeditious, express, brisk, lively, prompt, flying, fleeting, lightning, meteoric, overnight, whirlwind, fast-track, whistle-stop