Meaning of fat finger in English:

fat finger


  • Used to refer to clumsy or inaccurate typing, typically resulting from one finger striking two keys at the same time.

    • ‘the programming problem turned out to be a case of fat finger’
    • ‘his texts are full of fat-finger mistakes’
    • ‘Some reports claim the culprit was a fat finger on a computer somewhere that pressed the wrong key.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, have they found out yet who has the fat finger on Wall Street?’
    • ‘But state and federal regulators say he and his son are two of the latest consumers to fall prey to a trick known as "fat finger dialing."’
    • ‘It introduced a single XML schema to replace text messages and eliminate the fat finger process required to exchange information between the two modules.’
    • ‘"There's a lot of fat finger errors that can occur whereas if you have open outcry sometimes, there's still a human element."’
    • ‘The trader, who has not been named, was executing a trade in bonds when he made what is commonly called a "fat finger" mistake.’
    • ‘The TSE said the so-called "fat finger" mistake had had little impact on the market.’
    • ‘Due to a fat-finger error on my part, the comments for several posts back were deleted a few minutes ago.’
    • ‘The company has sued rivals for allegedly stealing calls from toll-free operators through what is called a "fat-finger dialing" scheme.’


(also fat-finger)
[with object] informal
  • Type (something) inaccurately.

    • ‘you may have fat-fingered your password’
    • ‘Taylor says it was common for mechanics to "fat finger" a part number or shop order, which resulted in poor systems performance.’
    • ‘Ship spectrum data are periodically printed from AESOP and a Sailor must manually key, or "fat-finger," data into the Naval Text Message System.’
    • ‘It was way too easy to fat-finger some code and not get a compile time error and not get a runtime error either until say a week or two after product goes out.’