Meaning of fat suit in English:

fat suit


  • A prosthetic costume that makes the wearer appear to be fat, typically worn by an actor playing the role of a very overweight character.

    ‘Eddie Murphy dons a variety of fat suits to play all fifteen members of an overweight family of hard-working farmers’
    • ‘she decided to walk around Hollywood in disguise wearing a 200-pound fat suit’
    • ‘To create that rotund profile, he wears a fat suit under his clothes.’
    • ‘Welles wore a fat suit and fake jowls to play the corrupt old cop.’
    • ‘We'd argue that the fat suit wasn't a good look for her, but at least it got the point across.’
    • ‘The fat suits are supposed to help doctors and nurses learn how to handle overweight patients’
    • ‘The result was Harrison looking like he put on one of those fat suits for sumo wrestling.’