Meaning of father-in-law in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɑːð(ə)rɪnlɔː/

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nounplural noun fathers-in-law

  • The father of one's husband or wife.

    ‘It will have to be signed by his wife, his father-in-law and his father jointly.’
    • ‘She murders both her father-in-law and her husband before being deported to Siberia.’
    • ‘Acts of defiance or insubordination by women toward their husbands, fathers-in-law, or other senior male relatives can result in beatings from male relatives, especially one's husband.’
    • ‘He does not have much patience for either his wife or his father-in-law's hypochondria.’
    • ‘One month later, her father-in-law died and her husband became King Louis VII.’
    • ‘My father-in-law is the producer and my husband has done a guest role in it.’
    • ‘His wife Sylvia recalls the final day she saw her father-in-law alive.’
    • ‘I said yes, if I could take my wife and daughter, as well as my father-in-law and his sister who was staying with us.’
    • ‘Then our family members, including my father-in-law, discussed the matter.’
    • ‘But after his father-in-law accepted him as a family member, he found him to be very nice.’
    • ‘Aidan looked at his father-in-law and then over at his wife before finally agreeing.’
    • ‘His wife was outside with a candy bar and his father-in-law Lionel was next to him.’
    • ‘In those days the daughters-in-law of a house and their fathers-in-law weren't supposed to have any direct contact.’
    • ‘I did eventually find a space after leaving my father-in-law at an entrance with instructions to not go anywhere until I got back.’
    • ‘His father-in-law Jimmy passed away this morning after a long illness.’
    • ‘We just got back from a dinner celebrating my father-in-law's birthday.’
    • ‘They showed up at my home before dinner, and dragged me away in front of my father-in-law and mother-in-law.’
    • ‘True-to-form, Phil ended up throwing his considerable weight around and smacking his father-in-law to be.’
    • ‘One of the few solid relationships was with his father-in-law.’