Meaning of father confessor in English:

father confessor

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  • 1A priest who hears confessions and gives absolution and spiritual counsel.

    ‘the Father Confessor of the convent’
    • ‘Nathella said, ‘I can take you to a father confessor this afternoon.’’
    • ‘In due course he too can be found employing an Augustinian father confessor.’
    • ‘Mother Marie wants to rejoin them, but the Father Confessor in effect forbids her.’
    • ‘Shortly before the dissolution the Father Confessor of the nuns, Richard Reynolds, was executed for not accepting the King's supremacy.’
    • ‘The Queen had him licensed by the Archbishop of Canterbury as her father confessor.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, she had not been four months in the monastery, when she fell in love with her father confessor.’
    • ‘The Jesuit Father, Caussin, was the father confessor of King Louis XIII.’
    • ‘There are candles to be lit, and hassocks to kneel on, and a series of wooden cabinets each labelled with the name of a father confessor.’
    • ‘I told him that it was better to be honestly married than to continue to live as the priests, even our father confessors, wanted us to do.’
    1. 1.1A person, typically an older man, to whom one confides private matters.
      ‘he is the chief policy adviser and father confessor to the prime minister’
      • ‘He wasn't their confidant or father confessor; he was their boss.’
      • ‘He became a infallible scientist, a friend, a father confessor and a confidant, by using truths, half-truths and outright falsehoods.’
      • ‘To be a successful agent, you need to be a father confessor, able to empathise with players when necessary, but also able to dispense tough advice they don't want to hear.’
      • ‘He's a magnificent character - part poet, part intellectual, part cop, but also part father confessor.’
      • ‘For many of the kids, he's their teacher, mentor, counsellor and father confessor.’
      • ‘Budd has become the father confessor for hundreds of people who are convinced they have been abducted by aliens.’
      • ‘I was, if I may say so, her father confessor in many ways.’
      • ‘He acted as father confessor and sympathetic listener to most of the players and officials, and everyone knew and respected him.’
      • ‘Small, dapper, and strident, he is a combination arrogant professor, soulful father confessor, and hysterical drill instructor.’
      • ‘As he makes me do another set of weights, standing by and offering me words of encouragement or reproach, his role is as drill sergeant, father confessor and friend.’