Meaning of father figure in English:

father figure


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  • An older man who is respected for his paternal qualities and may be an emotional substitute for a father.

    ‘he had been a father figure to her since she was a child’
    • ‘If you do not have a father, a common substitute is a father figure or even your brother would make a very nice gesture.’
    • ‘The instructor had been an older man and someone that Carl had seen as a father figure, a substitute to fill part of a missing piece of his life.’
    • ‘Personally I didn't respect him as a father figure, but lots of kids did.’
    • ‘Instead, they made him into an idealized lover, a father figure, or a saviour.’
    • ‘He didn't lose the love of a mother figure and a father figure.’
    • ‘I figured that it would be easier to find a father figure than a mother figure in this huge city.’
    • ‘When your children are young, they need a role model and a father figure.’
    • ‘He's a very emotional person and he likes to be a father figure to all of his team.’
    • ‘He had great leadership qualities on the pitch and was the father figure in our team.’
    • ‘James has never met his biological father and the man who served as a father figure is in jail for mortgage fraud.’
    • ‘He was not only our spiritual leader, but he was a very good friend to us and a father figure, somewhat.’
    • ‘My step-father on the other hand is the paragon of a father figure and someone I can look up to as a role model.’
    • ‘He is labeled as an illegal immigrant, and the victim of a controlling father figure.’
    • ‘Mike dotes on Paul because he's never had a father figure.’
    • ‘He is a father figure to her, someone she idolizes and, more importantly, someone she trusts.’
    • ‘Chris had always tried to be the best father figure that he could for me.’
    • ‘As for it being due to an absent father figure, I couldn't say.’
    • ‘She had two sons for whom he had become a father figure.’
    • ‘I can't feel the loss of a good father figure that I never had in the first place.’
    • ‘He was already like a father figure to her, and she cared enough for Angela to think of her as an honorary sister.’