Meaning of fatidic in English:



  • Having a prophetic quality.

    ‘this inadvertent statement may also be fatidic’
    • ‘Allied to the professional and vocational dreams are fatidic nightmares and menacing riddles.’
    • ‘The ancient Egyptian Magi observed another division of the year that was called the fatidic year and began at the vernal equinox.’
    • ‘For Heidegger, of course, Nietzsche was the fatidic Janus who, gazing forward, announced the death of metaphysics.’
    • ‘The latest fatidic “buzz” concerns 2012, but prophecies about the end of the world have existed as long as people have been on this planet.’
    • ‘On April 26, 1955, I received a call from a literary agent, a fatidic date, she said.’
    prescient, predictive, prophetical, far-seeing, prognostic, divinatory, oracular, sibylline, apocalyptic, fateful, revelatory, inspired



/feɪˈtɪdɪk/ /fəˈtɪdɪk/


Mid 17th century from Latin fatidicus, from fatum ‘fate’ + -dicus (from dicere ‘say’).