Meaning of Fatiha in English:



(also Fatihah)
  • The short first sura of the Koran, used by Muslims as an essential element of ritual prayer.

    ‘Quite the contrary, he is able to find support for his pluralism in the fact that, the Fatiha apart, the Koran tends to speak not of the Straight Path but of a straight path - as when God assures Muhammad that he is on a straight path.’
    • ‘The most important exception to this pattern is the first sura, the Fatiha or Opening, a seven-verse invocation repeated during the five prayers Muslims are required to perform every twenty-four hours.’
    • ‘On this basis, some of the fuqaha hold it as mustahabb in this night to go to the graveyard of the Muslims and recite Fatihah or any other part of the Qur'an, and pray for the dead.’
    • ‘Touching his heart and forehead he recited the Fatiha (opening chapter of the Qur'an) and held his hands together as if to receive Heaven's blessing.’
    • ‘He also said that in Nafil salat, it is not necessary to read any surah; Just surah Fatiha is enough.’



/ˈfɑːtɪə/ /ˈfatɪə/


From Arabic al-Fātiḥah ‘the opening (sura)’, from fātiḥa ‘opening’, from fataḥa ‘to open’.