Meaning of fault line in English:

fault line

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  • 1A line on a rock surface or the ground that traces a geological fault.

    ‘The world's only accurate detection system today is spread along the three major underwater fault lines in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘The India plate dove under the Burma plate some 50 feet, causing a fault line 750 miles long.’
    • ‘Each year, thousands of tremors of various degrees of intensity are recorded on that fault line.’
    • ‘These days, New Yorkers live like people whose houses are built on a fault line.’
    • ‘I grew up on the faultline - actually, about ten minutes drive from it.’
    • ‘In a matter of seconds, the Indian plates began moving, when suddenly, rocks became stressed, and a faultline was created.’
    1. 1.1A divisive issue or difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences.
      ‘it remains to be seen how this growing ideological fault line will be resolved’
      • ‘Nevertheless, the provisional results reveal deep divisions across ethnic fault lines.’
      • ‘Our ongoing cultural encounter with the gray is, at the very least, emblematic of fault lines in the contemporary culture.’
      • ‘To consolidate democracy, he said, " we need a nation which has been able to overcome its historic fault-lines ".’
      • ‘The war in Iraq is, of course, the most dramatic fault line.’
      • ‘Huntington is also incorrect to propose the conflictual "fault lines" are along civilisational boundaries.’
      • ‘The recent wild gyrations in the stock market are clearly creating fault lines with the new economy sector.’
      • ‘The gun issue is an ideological fault line between North American brethren.’
      • ‘His face is riven with the faultlines of age, creating the illusion of a constant scowl.’
      • ‘There are major fault lines running through Chinese society.’
      • ‘The fault lines, where clear differences occur, establish the boundaries.’
      • ‘Any operation involving the United States mounted from Pakistan would exacerbate this faultline.’
      • ‘The Aberfan disaster is situated on the fault line of this transformation.’
      • ‘The fact that the political fault lines remained in place is not in itself new.’
      • ‘Here too differences loom at least as large as commonalities across the linguistic fault lines.’
      • ‘The battle has exposed fault lines among automakers.’
      • ‘The question of whether you have signed or not has created a new social fault line in local society.’
      • ‘Investigating a magnetic anomaly near a fault line created my most humorous experience.’
      • ‘I don't think I have any dangerous moral faultlines with the generally accepted view of " how to be good ".’
      • ‘Several years without power can start to lay bare a party's insider fault lines.’
      • ‘It also brought to surface the various fault lines in Sri Lankan politics.’