Meaning of faultiness in English:



See faulty

‘As can be clearly seen just above, he appeals to the faultiness of translations regarding difficulties in the Qur'an, but disallows the Christian apologist to make this same appeal regarding the Bible.’
  • ‘Further, the faultiness of speaking of the supreme being as having the property of being in any place whatsoever is manifold, because it would be strange to speak of anything whatsoever existing beyond the presence of the sacred being.’
  • ‘But over a period of time, when you add your own investigations to the reading, the faultiness of our usual way of seeing things will become clearer and clearer.’
  • ‘I hope that one day even leading evolutionists will have their eyes opened to the faultiness of the theory and be given salvation from the Lord.’



/ˈfɔːltɪnɪs/ /ˈfɒltɪnɪs/