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  • Free from defect or error.

    ‘your logic is faultless’
    • ‘We are under no illusion, however, that this effort is faultless and error free.’
    • ‘We need a goal, and most of all we need a faultless role model who inspires us to do our best to reach that goal.’
    • ‘One of them in my opinion is the most faultless and fundamentally perfect fighter of all time.’
    • ‘The period setting is perfect and the acting is faultless in most cases, but the plot is slow to get going and there's never a lot of action.’
    • ‘Consequentially, a small but vocal minority has emerged, apparently bent upon poking holes in her faultless public image.’
    • ‘She said that while operations and surgeons were on the whole faultless, criticism stemmed from a lack of aftercare and poor hygiene.’
    • ‘His style is technically faultless and his use of electronic sounds makes his style unique among Irish DJs.’
    • ‘The technology would also have to be faultless or foolproof.’
    • ‘It only means that our good tendencies are not complete or infallible, that we are not faultless automata.’
    • ‘Her voice is faultless every time, and the dance routine is tight.’
    • ‘On the accountability of the European parliament they are faultless.’
    • ‘The government's handling of the crisis has been far from faultless.’
    • ‘It's a faultless example of organized crime's ability to horrify us and enthral us at the same time.’
    • ‘That aside, and bearing in mind that my vehicles were brand new, the cars' poise and agility are almost faultless.’
    • ‘You cannot guarantee anyone in any walk of life will be faultless.’
    • ‘As a promotional tool to sell the show, this collection is faultless.’
    • ‘The service was polite, friendly and faultless, until perhaps the end when there was a bit of a delay in settling the bill.’
    • ‘Now the burden is on the hospital to convince judges that they are faultless.’
    • ‘To her legions of adoring fans, she is faultless, blameless and unbeatable.’
    • ‘She even made a placard written in calligraphy and in faultless rhyming couplets denouncing the union.’
    perfect, flawless, without fault, error-free, without blemish, unblemished, impeccable, accurate, precise, exact, correct, unerring
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/ˈfɔːltləs/ /ˈfɒltləs/