Meaning of faux in English:


Pronunciation /fəʊ/


  • 1Made in imitation; artificial.

    ‘a rope of faux pearls’
    • ‘a faux-fur jacket’
    • ‘The headbands range from soft bandeau bands to U shaped glitter and faux silk bands.’
    • ‘Try bronze and apricot colors on your eyes, lips and cheeks for an irresistible faux glow.’
    • ‘Do you have any tips for choosing faux leather with a more realistic appearance?’
    • ‘The cowboy theme was explored with faux pony skin appearing on jeans and skirts and huge turn-ups on dark denim jeans.’
    • ‘Faux bronze on the ceiling, faux marble walls and faux mosaics on the floor may not fool you, but the effect is pleasing.’
    • ‘In fashion and furniture shops we have faux suede, faux fur and faux leather, among others.’
    • ‘Why does every film with these faux Satanists contain a fake raven on the set?’
    • ‘We've moved on a bit from the counter-sunk basins in faux marble laminated worktops.’
    • ‘It was a faux gold ring with six artificial diamond studs placed symmetrically in the center.’
    • ‘Add faux fur to existing accessories, or spice up last year's coat with a fur collar and cuffs.’
    • ‘A section of chipboard becomes a painterly abstraction, with a faux bark edge as a frame.’
    • ‘Their feet clattered over the faux marble floor past the reference desk towards the closet.’
    • ‘The reason was because it had a great hall with many seats and chess boards and the flooring was faux marble.’
    • ‘She poured her soda into a glass with ice and sat on the faux leather couch.’
    • ‘The Christmas tree was gone, and Maggie had set up a faux fireplace in its place.’
    • ‘What is considered a good price by the square foot for the faux wood shutters?’
    • ‘The decor combines neon fittings, faux leather seating and old-style jukeboxes.’
    • ‘She wore dark, flare jeans and a blue tank top, and was wrapped in a chic, faux leather jacket.’
    • ‘These cheap faux wood blinds are nearly fifteen percent cheaper than wooden blinds.’
    • ‘Leather, suede and faux fur continue to make their presence felt.’
    imaginary, imagined, pretended, make-believe, made-up, fantasy, fantasized, fancied, dream, dreamed-up, unreal, fanciful, invented, fictitious, fictive, mythical, feigned, fake, mock, imitative, sham, simulated, artificial, ersatz, dummy, false, faux, spurious, bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, forged, pseudo
    1. 1.1Not genuine; fake or false.
      ‘their faux concern for the well-being of the voters didn't fool many’
      • ‘his faux-macho banter caused offence’
      • ‘Unabashedly direct, the productions revel in their own faux facade with an almost conspiratorial glee.’
      • ‘Galaxy Angel uses faux seriousness to its advantage, creating ludicrous scenarios that somehow seem plausible.’
      • ‘This faux outrage wouldn't get first place in an 8th grade talent show.’
      • ‘The charm and winning portrayal cannot support the weight of predictability, unrealism, and faux sentimentality.’
      • ‘She stretches her eyes in faux surprise.’
      • ‘The title essay reflects on how faux information becomes news and news becomes sound bites.’
      • ‘Unlike his earlier excursions into faux political commentary, these seem to be based on incidents that were all too real.’
      • ‘Despite her faux humbleness, the rants and abnormalities look set to continue.’
      • ‘More interesting than this faux historicism is the developer's integration of Victoria Gardens streets with Rancho Cucamonga's city streets.’
      • ‘Faux economics is different, because, as I stated, doctors know as much about economics as they do about farming.’
      • ‘Salzman discovers that her young female researchers are bored with faux sensitivity and want biceps instead.’
      • ‘This faux naturalism may not bother others, but the hippie in me was affronted.’
      • ‘But after that, she declined into a fog of faux gaiety.’
      • ‘We should do something concrete about this instead of pretending that a faux colorblindness will make it all go away.’
      • ‘The piece is packed with multicultural references, often comic, including faux Indian, Spanish and African dances, with a dash of Irish.’
      • ‘Professor Ann Althouse is a faux moderate in the style of Jeff Jarvis and Michael Totten.’
      • ‘But what about the "faux marriage" agreement?’
      • ‘Fred is the ultimate lie detector, puncturing European faux sophistication and prejudices with sardonic élan.’
      • ‘Political posturing and faux diplomacy may be all we can expect.’
      • ‘The alternative has serious problems of its own, replacing faux precision with admitted vagueness and subjectivity.’


French, ‘false’.