Meaning of fauxhawk in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfəʊˌhɔːk/


  • A hairstyle in which a section of hair running from the front to the back of the head stands erect, intended to resemble a Mohican haircut (in which the sides of the head are shaved)

    ‘the opening drew a primarily male audience sporting ironic T-shirts and fauxhawks’
    • ‘My favorite member is the keyboardist dude with the fauxhawk.’
    • ‘Niki tried to convince him to cut his hair into a fauxhawk, but he wasn't buying that either.’
    • ‘I didn't notice anything about him other than he was still sporting that ridiculous fauxhawk.’
    • ‘It would appear that he has at least fixed his hair from the hilarious greaseball-yet-rock-hard fauxhawk thing he had going.’
    • ‘His critically acclaimed band Playgroup brought live electro to the club long before ironic mullets and fauxhawks became de rigueur.’
    • ‘I find it strange that Sindi chose to let the apprentice do her hair, while the qualified hairdresser was relegated to mushing product into the boys' fauxhawks.’
    • ‘In college I dressed like an eighties punk, with the ripped tights and the fauxhawk.’
    • ‘To the hot blonde with the fauxhawk: you're gorgeous!’
    • ‘The boys ranged from a cute, clean-cut paralegal at the Federal Trade Commission to a couple of college students with fauxhawks.’
    • ‘The camouflage belt and the soccer shoes are cool, and the haircut is good—a fauxhawk.’


Early 21st century blend of faux and Mohawk (sense 3 of the noun).