Meaning of fava bean in English:

fava bean

Pronunciation /ˈfɑːvə/

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(also fava)
North American
another term for broad bean
‘For the fava bean and artichoke purée: Place all ingredients in a food processor fitted with metal blade.’
  • ‘Studies in different legume species such as faba bean, pea and soybean have established a positive correlation between cotyledon cell number and mature seed size.’
  • ‘The consortium is helping small farmers grow high-value horticultural and medicinal crops, as well as chickpea, faba bean, potato and peanut.’
  • ‘Lay the roasted fig on a fig leaf along with the dressed fava bean salad.’
  • ‘An event like a fava bean open house is something people just are not going to find anywhere outside a CSA.’
  • ‘Figure 1C shows the penetration point on the root of a resistant faba bean.’
  • ‘Only two pulses were highly susceptible to feeding damage, with cowpea aphid establishing critical populations on faba bean and lentil.’
  • ‘Drizzle plate with fava bean purée and pork jus.’
  • ‘The main courses served on the night were home-made ricotta gnocchi, tossed with fresh fava bean and black truffle, and oven roasted Australian beef tenderloin with assorted vegetables and Barolo red wine sauce.’
  • ‘This has already been reported in O. foetida on faba bean and winter chickpea in North Africa.’
  • ‘You can use crimson-flowered fava bean as an ornamental.’
  • ‘To test resistance to the wasps, he caged the different groups of infected aphids on individual fava bean plants by inverting plastic drink cups over the potted plants with aphids.’
  • ‘Add the garlic, haricot verts, fava beans, tomato, fennel, scallions, and basil.’
  • ‘I plant hybrid tomatoes, but grow heirloom chick peas, fava beans, lettuce, and cucumbers (to list but a few).’
  • ‘In the back yard right now, I have growing garlic, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, fava beans, shallots, spinach, chard, peas, rutabagas and parsley - no lawn.’
  • ‘Add the peas, fava beans, carrots, leeks, and vegetable stock.’
  • ‘A handsome salad of wild fennel, fava beans, asparagus, and bufala ricotta is too monotonously smooth, but endive-and-black-truffle salad is a lovely combination of silk and sass.’
  • ‘This materialized into codfish fillets, baked on a bed of green onions and sprinkled with fava beans, whole cranberries and pistachios.’
  • ‘Spread compost or manure on unplanted areas or sow fall-sown cover crops, such as clover, Austrian field peas, fava beans, vetch and winter wheat.’
  • ‘Tuna tartare, served in hollowed-out lemons, is vitalized with an unexpected foursome of currants, pine nuts, fava beans, and sun-dried tomatoes.’


Italian fava, from Latin faba ‘bean’.