Meaning of favela in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈvɛlə/


  • A Brazilian shack or shanty town; a slum.

    ‘rapidly growing populations in the favelas of the great urban centres’
    • ‘However, Brazilian jiu-jitsu evolved into its own distinct style, incorporating techniques honed in the rough favelas of the big cities.’
    • ‘The endless favelas in the major cities are a daily reminder to Brazilians of the tremendous social ills that plague their country.’
    • ‘However, she argues that it is reflective of the particular forms of male visions of sexuality and desire that are present in places like the Brazilian favelas.’
    • ‘Beginning as illegal settlements, favelas still often lack the most basic kinds of infrastructure such as paved roads, enclosed houses, and reliable electricity.’
    • ‘Many areas in the world, from favelas to urban ghettos, are becoming areas where law enforcement officials have little, if any, authority.’
    • ‘But more attention must be given to the favelas and the city's housing deficit.’