Meaning of favourably in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfeɪv(ə)rəbli/

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  • 1With approval.

    ‘the audience responded very favourably’
    • ‘Mr Morris, however, is now progressing favourably.’
    • ‘Both have similar favourable ratings, with slightly more than half of voters viewing each favourably.’
    • ‘He is the author of a great number of serious historical works, most of which have been favourably received.’
    • ‘Higher levels of consumption, conversely, are viewed more favorably.’
    • ‘By all accounts he is progressing favourably in his new stand.’
    • ‘However, history may treat McCarthy more favourably than the contemporary press.’
    • ‘She explained: "Most of my clients have responded very favourably to this technique."’
    • ‘First of all, as you know, we view the initiative favorably.’
    • ‘And so, all in all, I am very favorably impressed with him.’
    • ‘But consumers may not react favorably to the copy protection, say analysts.’
    • ‘Many of those passing by while I was taping them commented favorably on his work.’
    • ‘It was well placed in the Royal Academy, and was favourably noticed by the critics.’
    • ‘We have found the figures insufficient and we are not looking favourably at the offer.’
    • ‘Several members of that board have commented favorably on the rigor and integrity of the new peer review process.’
    • ‘I could see that Holmes was favourably impressed by the manner and speech of his new client.’
    • ‘Good intentions go a long way with me, so I tend to be favorably disposed towards holiday specials.’
    • ‘Wall Street regards favorably the company's long-term prospects but not necessarily the short-term share price.’
    • ‘The patrons responded favorably, and I was glad to see some repeat customers for our performance.’
    • ‘Having both the public and television industry respond so favorably to the production is a real thrill.’
    • ‘It's still too premature to say whether it will be allowed, but it is being looked upon fairly favourably.’
    positively, approvingly, well, sympathetically, agreeably, enthusiastically, appreciatively, admiringly
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  • 2To the advantage of someone or something.

    ‘the deal will work out favourably for the company’
    • ‘In the Department Stores sector, the leading Irish stores compare favourably with their UK counterparts.’
    • ‘Served in the sumptuous dining room, dinner here compares favourably with anything you'll find in Scotland's top restaurants.’
    • ‘The pace of expansion in Ireland compares favourably to a 1.5 % average in the eurozone.’
    • ‘Trinity's recent performance has compared favourably with others in the sector.’
    • ‘The dose of statins requires modification to attain LDL cholesterol levels that favorably effect endothelial function.’
    • ‘Indeed, I think we probably stated it quite favourably to you.’
    • ‘Office rental costs in Bangkok compare favourably with other capital cities in the region.’
    • ‘The 2001 champs still compare favorably with any team in the league from players one to 10.’
    • ‘National treatment rules require member nations to treat foreign suppliers as favorably as domestic suppliers.’
    • ‘Some of them respond favorably either to acupuncture or herbal treatment.’
    • ‘Shane Lindsey also fared nicely while Edmund Barrett impacted favourably on the game when brought in from the bench.’
    • ‘This mode compares favorably with other modes through which Cuban households acquire dollars.’
    • ‘These might in turn favorably impact the membership.’
    • ‘This compared favourably with the matched control group of whom 27 had been convicted of a violent offence in the post-programme period.’
    • ‘It will be seen that boats lose much valuable time, which would be saved if the receiving docks were more favorably located.’
    • ‘I have seen more than that and you do not do yourself justice if you think you only compare favourably to sheep.’
    • ‘For single people, Ireland now compares favourably in after-tax terms with most European countries.’
    • ‘When the targets were favorably located under the orbit, the spacecraft was reoriented.’
    • ‘"This project favorably impacted all 21,000 users of USARPAC computers," Donahue explained.’