Meaning of fawner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːnə/


  • A person who gives a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection.

    ‘powerful people are always surrounded by fawners’
    • ‘Never has America been so thoroughly in the clutches of fawners, lap dogs, toadies, boot lickers, lick spittles, and Snopses.’
    • ‘And yet we men do not approve; nay, if we see a man sharing his goods with other men, we call it wastefulness, extravagance, and by such names, and dub the men to whom he gives a share, fawners and parasites.’
    • ‘You had the mendicants, sycophants, lick-spittles, toadies, fawners all with their tin cups, looking for a handout of taxpayers' funds.’
    • ‘Money is what separates the fans friom the fawners.’
    • ‘Hubris no doubt swam through the potentate's soul as the quivering fawners cried, "The voice of a God and not of a man!"’
    • ‘He will be remembered for starring in a series of urban myths fuelled by celebrity fawners which painted him as some anarchic anti-hero.’