Meaning of fawningly in English:



See fawning

‘There's a lot of great music here, along with a 120-page book that fawningly recounts the history of the band and provides a track-by-track commentary from them.’
  • ‘When the dissident ‘good news’ scientist spoke to a conservative Washington think tank he was applauded not merely rapturously, but fawningly.’
  • ‘Women threw themselves at him, of course, but they would not have done so had he not exuded some perverse invitation to emotional excess in which they were fawningly complicit.’
  • ‘The wine list is fairly priced, refreshingly pro-French and Old World and the service is sharp and vigilant but not fawningly over-attentive.’
  • ‘Kathryn rolled her eyes scathingly and made a deal of staring fawningly at the castle, her eyes glittering with mockery.’