Meaning of fearlessly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪələsli/

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  • With a lack of fear.

    ‘he fearlessly challenges the accepted version of events’
    • ‘I tackled fearlessly on the rugby pitch’
    • ‘Tthe main character fearlessly confronts difficult ethical issues.’
    • ‘He was appointed medical officer and again fearlessly exposed inadequacies in management and the harshness and dishonesty of officials.’
    • ‘The muscle-bound St. Petersburg native stripped to the waist and plunged fearlessly into the icy river.’
    • ‘The 25-year-old player tackled fearlessly in defence and was, therefore, awarded his first man-of-the-match award.’
    • ‘I reject the comments made by the previous speaker that any attempt to debate these issues openly and fearlessly is somehow engaging in racial hysteria or racial division.’
    • ‘Expect, too, plenty of backbenchers to step forward fearlessly to criticise the leadership.’
    • ‘Fearlessly, she disappeared from her home for hours without her mother knowing where she was.’
    • ‘Her latest song is about what all of her best songs are about: dealing fearlessly with the consequences of her latest mistake.’
    • ‘The conductor led his musicians fearlessly through the complicated tempo changes.’
    • ‘The princess snapped shut her parasol and then suddenly ran forward fearlessly through the water with a whoop.’