Meaning of feartie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪəti/


(also feardie)
informal Scottish
  • A coward or timid person.

    • ‘she is not such a feartie as she makes out’
    • ‘I've never been for a reading with him because I'm a total feartie.’
    • ‘The perils of a barren upbringing have made me a right wee feartie.’
    • ‘He was invited to "stop being a pathetic big feartie and get out and debate the issues".’
    • ‘I'm a big feartie: I'm easily spooked and I don't like scary stuff on TV.’
    • ‘Being something of a big feardie, I immediately added them as my personal "no go" areas.’
    • ‘The trouble with you is that you have no guts; you are nothing more than a selfish feardie.’


1920s from feart + -ie.