Meaning of feather cut in English:

feather cut


  • A hairstyle with wispy tapered layers.

    ‘my mother tried to give me a feather cut’
    • ‘The venue was packed with mullets, feather cuts and bleach jobs, with one deluded soul attempting to navigate the gloom in a pair of dark glasses.’
    • ‘The more feminine the woman, the better the feather cut will look.’
    • ‘Feather cuts, glitter boob tubes, blue eye shadow, crimplene flares and highly flammable nylon shirts with collars the size of a jumbo jet do not fill the prospective Seventies clubber with confidence.’
    • ‘Someone had dug up fantastic footage of miners who had been told by their bosses to wear hairnets down the pit; better that, the young men said, than abandoning their beloved new feather cuts.’
    • ‘The snake-hipped Rod Stewart singing Maggie May inspired my first feather cut.’
    • ‘If we are honest, we all made a few style errors in decades past, what with the Bananarama feather cuts and the root perms.’


(also feather-cut)
[with object]
  • Cut (hair) into wispy tapered layers.

    as adjective ‘black feather-cut hair’
    • ‘This was an era in which pop stars were a vision to behold: dressed in spangled, glittering costumes and teetering atop platform boots, hair carefully feather-cut and back-combed.’
    • ‘A bunch of roughnecks with feather-cut hair and Indian canoes was loitering by the river bank, smoke still wafting from the barrel of their gun.’
    • ‘He looked like a little lost boy, with his feather-cut brown hair and innocent eyes.’
    • ‘It's run by the appalling motivational fitness guru White Goodman, played by a feather-cut and moustached actor Ben Stiller.’
    • ‘Asked how he feels about one hack's overwrought description of him as ‘the feather-cut prince of the blues‘, he frowns, repeats the phrase slowly and inquisitively as if trying it on for size, then quickly changes the subject.’
    • ‘In contrast to her vampy outfit, Michelle kept her hair and make-up relatively simple, opting for simple hues and giving her blonde feather-cut locks plenty of volume.’
    • ‘A sharp-suited young man from Liverpool, he sports the mop-topped, feather-cut hairstyle of a Sixties mod.’