Meaning of feather star in English:

feather star


  • An echinoderm (marine invertebrate) with a small disc-like body, long feathery arms for feeding and movement, and short appendages for grasping the surface.

    Order Comatulida, class Crinoidea

    ‘After scaling a sea fan, the feather star might stay for a while, hanging on by means of tiny hooks called cirri.’
    • ‘Deep sea denizens such as the feather star inhabit caves in the wall.’
    • ‘I see utterly different creatures - prickly sea urchins, sausage-like bêche de mer, sea stars, brittle stars, and feather stars - and find science has discovered their close relationship within the phylum of the Echinoderms.’
    • ‘Encrusted with soft and hard corals, feather stars and anemones, the wreck is home to a remarkable variety of fish ranging from large schools of pelagic barracuda to the more colourful reef fish.’
    • ‘One obvious aspect of the greater species diversity in Tonga compared with French Polynesia is the profusion of feather stars.’