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  • Of the length of a typical feature film or programme.

    ‘a feature-length documentary’
    • ‘His first big break in Austria came in 1990 with the cinematic release of a controversial feature-length documentary.’
    • ‘First up is a feature-length featurette on the movie, which clocks in at over an hour and twenty minutes.’
    • ‘Then there is a feature-length documentary on Garland called Judy Garland: By Myself.’
    • ‘For instance, feature-length documentaries must not be shown on television before or six months after their theatrical release.’
    • ‘The inclusion of two valuable feature-length documentaries makes this a terrific value for your purchasing dollar.’
    • ‘He had the much underrated skill, both as a writer and a director, to transfer stage-honed comic personas to the big screen in sustained feature-length outings.’
    • ‘Britain's favourite man-and-dog team are back for a feature-length big-screen adventure.’
    • ‘In a trailer for the feature-length documentary the men, who are not identified, are seen leaping from radio masts.’
    • ‘What started out as her thesis morphed into a lauded feature-length documentary.’
    • ‘It would be Rozema's first feature-length film, however, that would propel her into cinema's international limelight.’
    • ‘The remaining two discs have one feature-length film each.’
    • ‘It was good to have the experience of shooting a feature-length film in 32 days.’
    • ‘It will be expanded into longer, feature-length films or TV series.’
    • ‘I think these are questions best addressed by a feature-length film or long book.’
    • ‘This role-reversal is central to both of Stanley's feature-length narrative films.’
    • ‘It is only with his fourth feature, The Navigator, that Keaton makes the transition to full feature-length comedic narrative.’
    • ‘This feature-length documentary explores its namesake, an old form of health care that the authors of this film clearly subscribe to.’
    • ‘The rise in popularity of feature-length documentaries over the last few years is an important political phenomenon.’
    • ‘The best is a feature-length commentary by director George Sidney, who passed away in May of this year at the age of 85.’
    • ‘The series is introduced through a feature-length episode that pits Wolfe and Archie against the FBI.’