Meaning of feature phone in English:

feature phone


  • A mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone.

    ‘Not surprisingly, these devices now account for over 90 per cent of the global smartphone or feature phone market.’
    • ‘It expects to introduce the model, the 6650, at the same price as today's high end feature phones.’
    • ‘But at $99, you're talking about a phone that better appeals to impulse purchases and competes directly against more traditional feature phones.’
    • ‘The MXC architecture enables smaller, more powerful, more efficient wireless platforms for feature phones and smart phones.’
    • ‘The feature phone will offer a bare-bones Internet viewing experience, while the smart phone will attempt to merge PDA and an Internet cell phone.’
    • ‘While the majority of current Wi-Fi enabled handsets are smartphones, feature phone manufacturers are also beginning to incorporate this feature, providing double stimulus for Wi-Fi handset growth.’
    • ‘If a phone doesn't have that, but has email, a touchscreen and other bells and whistles, then it's a "feature phone".’
    • ‘Oh yes, outselling everyone else by a country mile across every mobile phone segment, yes smartphones, yes feature phones and yes dumbphones.’
    • ‘The carrier-branded feature phones with their unique user interfaces were the first step in this direction, and the evolution of the operator as content provider is the second.’
    • ‘It is now clear that Nokia plans to take S60 downmarket, towards the feature phone market, as a further means to bolster its mid-market strength.’