Meaning of feature writer in English:

feature writer

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  • A person who writes feature articles for a newspaper or magazine.

    ‘she worked for the Evening Standard as a feature writer’
    • ‘Pearlman, a feature writer for Newsday, covered major league baseball for Sports Illustrated.’
    • ‘Patrick, who has long been one of the L.A. Times's better feature writers, will have a column every Tuesday.’
    • ‘She moved to Johannesburg two years ago and became a newspaper feature writer.’
    • ‘All this week our chief feature writer reports on what the statistics mean for Hampshire.’
    • ‘We have a team of news and sports reporters and feature writers who are responsible for producing the journalistic content of the paper.’
    • ‘After a three-year break due to family commitments, she resumed her work as a woman's page feature writer.’
    • ‘A feature writer from the Daily Mail asked us to dish the dirt on any ex-girlfriends he might have.’
    • ‘I'm now the senior feature writer on the women's supplement of our Daily Mirror.’
    • ‘Another colleague, a feature writer at The Dallas Morning News, is a voracious reader.’
    • ‘They agreed to a new pay-banding scheme that increases the rate for senior feature writers and journalists.’