Meaning of featured in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːtʃəd/


  • 1in combination Having distinctive attributes or aspects of a specified kind.

    ‘the front of the chassis is well featured’
    • ‘the complexities of a fully featured computer’
    • ‘I'm sure there are probably more fully featured phones out there.’
    • ‘A fully featured ice cream flavor now requires at least a swirl of variegate and an inclusion.’
    • ‘Their new laptop seems to be a well-featured piece of equipment at a competitive price.’
    • ‘The spreadsheet is well-featured and supports scientific, trigonometric and financial functions, as well as logic operators.’
    • ‘I'd love to hear what you'd come up with in a full featured studio.’
    • ‘All the buildings fit into one of two broad categories: sunken featured buildings and framed buildings.’
    • ‘This is possibly the best featured DVD player I have ever seen.’
    • ‘These features make this the most richly featured next-generation Smartphone on the market.’
    • ‘The projectors have a slot for a card that contains the ability to connect to other similarly featured models at distances of up to 300 feet.’
    • ‘The art program used to be very simplistic, but it has become a nicely featured program due to user requests for changes.’
    1. 1.1in combination Having facial parts, such as the mouth, nose, and eyes, of a specified kind.
      ‘this blue-eyed, regular-featured guy’
      • ‘my aunt was a tall, hard-featured lady’
      • ‘Sometimes it seems TV has decided that women all have to fit a stereotype of thin, fair-skinned, regular-featured etc, to be allowed on the telly.’
      • ‘She turned to see a soft-featured, plump man addressing her from the doorway.’
      • ‘He has a wide, hard-featured face, with yet a kindly glow of honest sentiment.’
      • ‘Judy, a sharp-featured woman, tends the counter.’
      • ‘The boy's sharp-featured face reminded him of a young kit fox.’
      • ‘He was a tall, well-built man, with a strong-featured face and an intimidating manner.’
      • ‘She was at that stage a woman of striking good looks, blue-eyed and black-haired, though in later years she became bulky and heavy featured.’
      • ‘Does the soft-spoken, delicate featured author take a philosophical approach to her work?’
      • ‘She had layered, raven black hair which framed her delicately featured face.’
      • ‘In appearance, he was finely featured, with brown hair and a beard.’
  • 2(of a newspaper or magazine article, broadcast programme, or show) made a special attraction.

    ‘our featured interview for this issue’
    • ‘he was the featured guest artist’
    • ‘She will be a featured trombone soloist at a Lincoln Youth Symphony concert this spring.’
    • ‘The executive director of the American Camping Association is the featured speaker.’
    • ‘The pediatrician is a regular contributor to the show and a featured columnist for the National Safety Council's wellness magazine.’
    • ‘He was invited to be the featured performer on several "easy listening" albums for various recording labels.’
    • ‘Participating students from classrooms ask questions of the featured guests via toll-free phone, fax, email, or Webcam.’
    • ‘It was the middle of a foggy, drizzly night, but the featured attraction was a solar eclipse.’
    • ‘At 19, she was a featured dancer at the Folies-Bergere in Paris.’
    • ‘I appreciate the Science Centre's efforts to promote science education through their own curriculum, as well as through featured exhibits.’
    • ‘This will give visitors the opportunity to have a chat with some of the gallery's featured artists.’
    • ‘Bernstein will be the featured composer in the first part of the concert.’