Meaning of featurette in English:


Pronunciation /fiːtʃəˈrɛt/


  • A short feature film or programme.

    ‘A number of short film clips, featurettes and a documentary are located on Disc Two.’
    • ‘These four featurettes take an inside look at the making of the film.’
    • ‘A short production featurette has the usual talking heads and behind the scenes footage of the stunts.’
    • ‘Even the program's sponsors get excellent treatment, with short documentary featurettes available about them too!’
    • ‘The second featurette is your basic promo sporting talking heads and clips from the movie.’
    • ‘This is broken up into five or six short featurettes relating to each movie.’
    • ‘All of the shorts and even the featurettes have subtitles.’
    • ‘That's going to be a little disappointing for those of you who only want to see the featurettes without the full feature film.’
    • ‘Aside from the film itself, the disc includes a short featurette that acts as a long trailer for the film.’
    • ‘There are also two short featurettes produced at the time of the film's original release and they are pretty much a waste of time.’
    • ‘Included are two featurettes, both featuring Christopher Lee.’
    • ‘Two short featurettes discuss the vehicles and gadgets used in the film.’
    • ‘A short featurette on Alex D. Linz and the making of the film is cute and the kids will love it.’
    • ‘If you click on the icon, it will take you to a short featurette about that part of the film.’
    • ‘Two other short featurettes are included on the second disc.’
    • ‘In any event, four short featurettes are the center of the extras.’
    • ‘Extra content is slight, with a short featurette being the main focus.’
    • ‘Another behind the scenes featurette shows the film from behind the camera and shows some other scenes not used.’
    • ‘A pity the featurette is so short, but as these things go, this is very good.’
    • ‘Next up is a short featurette with various interviews by the cast and crew.’