Meaning of febrifuge in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛbrɪfjuːdʒ/


  • A medicine used to reduce fever.

    ‘she employed a risky febrifuge and the fever finally broke’
    • ‘The leaves of bael are astringent, a laxative, a febrifuge and an expectorant and are useful in ophthalmia, deafness, inflammations, catarrh, diabetes and asthmatic complaints.’
    • ‘The traditional use of stem bark as a febrifuge in relapsing fevers was confirmed as an extract of stem bark reduced pyrexia in comparative biological tests.’
    • ‘Today garlic is still used as a febrifuge to assist fevers.’
    • ‘It is diaphoretic, febrifuge (gets rid of fevers), emetic (in large doses), and laxative.’


Late 17th century from French fébrifuge, from Latin febris ‘fever’ + fugare ‘drive away’. Compare with feverfew.